Atlantic Division Board of Directors

Atlantic Division Board meetings will be held at the Lake Sebago Pavilion at 11 am on:
Sunday, May 17th
Sunday, July 26th
and Sunday, September 13th.
These meetings are open to all.

The Annual Membership Meeting of the Atlantic Division
will be held at noon on Sunday, September 13th at the Lake Sebago Pavilion.
Voting will be held to elect members of the Atlantic Division Board of Directors for a two-year term. All ACA Atlantic Division members in good standing may vote.
Reports will be given for the various activity committees in the Division.

2019-20 Board of Directors

Jerry Dunne

Beth Bloedow

Gerard Grillo

Pat Cannon

Director, Safety Education & Instruction
Andrew Laiosa

Director, Competition
Julie McCoy

Director, Conservation & Public Policy
Loren Edelson

Director, Property & Camping
Deirdre Power

Director, Promotion & Recreation
Lee Reiser

Directors at Large
Chevaughn Dixon and Dewey Thompson

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