Facilities Holders – Individuals and Clubs

ACA members are eligible to apply to lease a cabin or a tent platform if they meet certain criteria.

In each of the 3 years prior to application, applicants must have served as a working member of an ACA committee (Executive, National, Divisional or Camp Committee or their subcommittees) or as an organizer of one ACA activity per year at Lake Sebago involving at least ten ACA Members.

Applications for the 2018 season are due December 31, 2017.


Please download the applications for:
Individuals Individual_Facility_Application

Clubs Club Facility Holder Application

For Current Facility Holders, individuals as well as clubs, reports are due November 15 for the 2017 season.

Download forms

Individuals Individual-Facility-Report-2017-final-approved-version-2

Clubs: Club-Facility-Report-2017

For more information contact facilities@aca-atlanticdivision.com


All forms are in pdf format.





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