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Check out what’s happening this year!

The latest issue of our camp’s newsletter, CanoeSport is available – listing all the classes, potlucks, social events, trainings, stuff for kids and families and adults – that we’re planning for this season.

Download it here:

Camp opens May 1st, and we’ve got a packed schedule! We hope you’ll join us.

Don’t forget to keep your ACA membership current, and buy your season passes before camp opens.

Download your season pass application here:

See you at the Lake! \*v*/

Thanks for a great camp season!

We’re sad to say au revoir to our camp – which closes for the 2019 season today, October 15th.

But we’ll reopen on May 1st, 2020, with a full schedule of events, potlucks, races, fun for kids, and all the things that make our camp lovely, friendly and fun.

Meanwhile, take a look at our latest issue of CanoeSport, our camp & Atlantic Division newsletter:

In this issue, among other news you can find links to applications for our full-season cabin and tent platform rentals, which are open to all ACA members. Applications for the 2020 season are due December 31, 2019.

We will also have weekend and short-term cabins for rent next year as usual – keep a lookout for the 2020 season application which will be available early spring, and will be announced here and by email to our season pass holders.

Don’t forget we are an ACA-member benefit – and in order to visit our camp you MUST be an ACA member. Join the ACA or renew your membership online before the camp season begins, at

Thank you everybody for visiting us in 2019! See you at the lake

Camp Opens May 1st

We’re really looking forward to this season starting – after such a slow start to spring. We’ve got a full schedule of events – classes and races of all kinds given by our local clubs and Divisions. We’re planning for some flatwater races on our lake this year. We’ll have the usual fun stuff for kids – movies, games, silly water activities.

We’ll be sprucing up the facilities with a work day late in April – depending on when the water is turned on by PIPC – so look for announcements in your email or on the Camp Director’s Google site.

We’re on the lookout for lifeguards, so if you know anyone who’s qualified, contact the Camp Director with info so we can get back to you. The lifeguard season runs Memorial Day through Labor Day.

We’re seeking skilled carpenters to take on jobs that have been on our to-do list for a while. Also, we could use folks to supervise a crew of workers doing a less-skilled job. If you have the ability to do this, look out for an email listing specifics and contact info.

Get ready for the season by buying your Season Pass early – we’ve got the application on our Season Pass page.

See you at the lake! \(❁´◡`❁)/

Thanks For a Great Season! Camp is Now Closed – See You May 1st!

We’ve just closed the ACA Camp for the season – sad for all of us, but an inevitable part of the yearly cycle of camp life.

Today is the very last day of camp – we close on October 15 every year. All our cabin & tent platform folks took their stuff home for the winter; those with boats stored in camp secured them from the elements; some people got in their last overnight stay in a Rental Cabin or their club’s cabins this weekend or just came up to hike and paddle for one last day.

We will reopen on May 1st! So enjoy your fall & winter activities in the meanwhile. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring! Check these pages for updates as the season approaches – especially for Rental Cabins reservations and our new calendar of events. Thank you all for visiting us and making camp a wonderful community!