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Gold medal winner

ACA Member Alex Ambotas, paddling for the US, took home four gold medals from the World Masters Games, held in Sydney, Australia on October 18-19, 2009. The Games are a forum for fierce
but friendly competition and are conducted with the rules and regulations of the International Canoe Federation (ICF). Competitions are broken into age and gender categories so that competitors face their peers.

Alex raced in the 50-55 age category. Alex won all three solo kayak K-1 events, and together with a Romanian paddler named Martinenko, the 200 meter tandem kayak K-2 event.

Hannah Menke, member of Team USA and ACA Atlantic Division Special Director for Competition, took home two silver medals from the International Canoe Federation’s World Championships, held on Lake Banook, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, August 12-16, 2009.
Hannah, 23, has been canoeing since age 12 and is also the 2008 US National Champion. She is well known at Camp Sebago, having spent every summer since 1998 paddling on our Lake’s waters. She
spent most of 2009 training for the World Championships, under the supervision of Coach Rafael Islamov (who is also an ACA member). Hannah competed in two solo canoe C1 events, and took second place in both, with Canada taking the gold.

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