Thanks For a Great Season! Camp is Now Closed – See You May 1st!

We’ve just closed the ACA Camp for the season – sad for all of us, but an inevitable part of the yearly cycle of camp life.

Today is the very last day of camp – we close on October 15 every year. All our cabin & tent platform folks took their stuff home for the winter; those with boats stored in camp secured them from the elements; some people got in their last overnight stay in a Rental Cabin or their club’s cabins this weekend or just came up to hike and paddle for one last day.

We will reopen on May 1st! So enjoy your fall & winter activities in the meanwhile. We look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring! Check these pages for updates as the season approaches – especially for Rental Cabins reservations and our new calendar of events. Thank you all for visiting us and making camp a wonderful community!