Managing Aqua Invasive Species

Over the past three years, the Conservation Committee has partnered with Hudson River Sloop Clearwater to manage Aqua Invasive Species (AIS) in Lake Sebago. AIS grow so rapidly that they overtake the native plants and animals, wrecking havoc on the ecosystem and, in some cases, impeding recreational activities such as paddling and swimming. 

Aqua Invasives, such as hydrilla, have infested and clogged the Croton River, and other invasives have ravaged parts of Lake George in upstate New York, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to control. 

Study the poster to see what’s invading Lake Sebago and how we can slow the spread.

—Loren Edelson http://[email protected]

Rental cabins reservations open now

The 2019 online rental system will open on
Monday, March 25th at 7:00 p.m.

New this year! We have a tent platform to rent which features a tarp over a wooden platform, electricity and a refrigerator. There is a picnic table, but no fireplace. Limited to 2 tents and 4 guests. The rate will be $20 a night.

There are some significant changes to the rental cabins rental system and policies this year so please read carefully in advance of booking.

Guest policy change:
The ACA Camp guest policy that will be enforced this year is as follows:

ACA adult members may bring guests into camp. A guest is defined as any non-ACA member. The same guest may only utilize the camp for one day or for one overnight and then will need to join the ACA in order to visit camp a second time or in order to stay any additional overnights. Prior ACA members may not be considered guests. Members are responsible for their guests’ behavior. Members wishing to bring more than six guests must obtain prior permission from the camp director. For each guest there is a $20 per calendar day daily fee for adults and a $10 per calendar day daily fee for minors. All guests must see camp director upon arrival.

This means that if you have a non-ACA member as a guest, they may only stay for one night before either joining the ACA or will have to leave camp. As noted, this one night limit is a lifetime rule. This means that if you rented last year and had a certain guest for at least one night, that person needs to be an ACA member before the rental is to begin to be allowed in camp. The reason for this rule is that Sebago is an ACA member benefit and while we encourage people to come into camp once to see if they want to be a member, thereafter they have to join to be able to come in for a second time.

ACA Membership Rate Change:
The ACA National Committee changed the ACA membership rates this year. There are no longer 6-month or family memberships. Instead, each person no matter what age must join the ACA to enter camp and the membership fee is $25 per person.

Daily Fees Change:
This summer all daily fees for rental cabins renter and guests must be paid in advance. In order to effectuate this policy we are instituting a two-tiered pricing structure. There will be one rate if all people staying in the rental are season pass holders and a second rate if anyone in the group is a not a season pass holder. Therefore, if you bring someone as a guest who is not a season pass holder you will pay the higher rate for your rental. The season pass fees are $65 for an adult and $150 for a family which includes children under the age of 18. Note: to be a season pass holder you must be an ACA member.

The 2019 rates are as follows:
Lakeside, Overlook & Bliss with season pass for everyone staying in camp: $35 a night, $210 a week, $280 holiday week, $120 holiday weekend

In order to qualify for these rates all people staying in camp must be a season pass holder before the rental will be approved. To become a season pass holder you may pay online through PayPal or mail in a form.

Click here for information on Season Passes:

Rate per night with additional fee to cover daily fees included:
Lakeside: $65 a night, $420 a week, $490 a holiday week,
$210 holiday weekend
Overlook: $75 a night, $490 a week, $530 a holiday week,
$240 holiday weekend
Bliss: $85 a night; $560 a week, $410 for Holiday week,
$270 holiday weekend

Hilltop, Tent Platform and Tent site: The additional rate for Hilltop will depend on the number of guests. Please inquire for information.

Click here for our Rental Cabins page:

Camp Opens May 1st

We’re really looking forward to this season starting – after such a slow start to spring. We’ve got a full schedule of events – classes and races of all kinds given by our local clubs and Divisions. We’re planning for some flatwater races on our lake this year. We’ll have the usual fun stuff for kids – movies, games, silly water activities.

We’ll be sprucing up the facilities with a work day late in April – depending on when the water is turned on by PIPC – so look for announcements in your email or on the Camp Director’s Google site.

We’re on the lookout for lifeguards, so if you know anyone who’s qualified, contact the Camp Director with info so we can get back to you. The lifeguard season runs Memorial Day through Labor Day.

We’re seeking skilled carpenters to take on jobs that have been on our to-do list for a while. Also, we could use folks to supervise a crew of workers doing a less-skilled job. If you have the ability to do this, look out for an email listing specifics and contact info.

Get ready for the season by buying your Season Pass early – we’ve got the application on our Season Pass page.

See you at the lake! \(❁´◡`❁)/