ACA Camp Update

The Camp Commitee is sad to say that the Palisades Interstate Parks Commission (PIPC) has informed us that the ACA Camp will not be opening on June 1st.

We will remain closed until further notice. PIPC has told us they are working towards getting the camps open as soon as they believe it is safe. We will update everyone as soon as this changes.

Remember – As long as the Camp is closed, no one is allowed to enter camp whether by vehicle or on foot.

Thank you for your patience in this difficult time.

Hoping to see you in camp very soon.

All the Camp Committee.

ACA Camp Opening June 1st

Hi Camp Folks:
We’re anticipating the opening of camp on June 1st – we’re still waiting for confirmation from NYS and PIPC.
Hopefully this date won’t be pushed back again!
It’s a strange time, and while everyone is eager to get out of the city and into the woods and on the water again, we all must be patient. No one may enter the ACA camp until we officially open.

We’re crossing our fingers! Stay safe – and look for updates on these pages.