ACA Atlantic Competition

For Fun and For Fitness

New York Outrigger on the Hudson River.

The ACA Atlantic Division promotes competition at all levels, whether for fun or for world-class athletes. Good sportsmanship and the challenge to do one’s best improve our local paddlesports community.

Here are some highlights, with links to other events put on by local ACA Atlantic clubs.

If you have any questions, contact the current Competition chair for the ACA Atlantic division, Julie McCoy.

Peeling out of an eddy.

What can I compete in?

Paddlesports includes a range of disciplines, from sea kayaking to whitewater, freestyle to marathons, flatwater sprints to polo, just to name a few.

If you’re not sure what you’re interested in, pick an event and contact the club that is hosting it, and consider coming by just to observe. Here are some typical events:

Flatwater Racing: This is very popular at Lake Sebago, and you can often find paddlers training in heats and laps. Additionally, members of the Inwood Canoe Club, Sebago Canoe Club, and Yonkers Rowing & Paddling Club all paddle for speed at their respective boathouses, as well as at the lake.

Practicing a Brace Stroke at Lake Sebago.

Kayak Polo: The New York Kayak Polo club holds scrimmage sessions in Manhattan during the summer, and in an indoor pool in Jersey City during the winter.

Canoe Sailing: Promoted by members of the Sheepshead Canoe Club at Lake Sebago, with a race on the lake every summer. Canoe Sailing is a regular activity at Lake Sebago.

Join us on the water