ACA Atlantic Division Documents

Listed below are all the documents, reports, applications,  links etc. for both the Atlantic Division and the Camp at Lake Sebago.  They can also be found on the relevant pages throughout the website.

Atlantic Division:

ACA Atlantic Division Bylaws – updated 9 2017

Camp at Lake Sebago:

Camp Rules 2021

Season Pass Application 2021

Boat Storage Policy 6 2020

PIPC Rules and Regulations 2018

Cabin or Tent Platform Full-Season Renters:

2022 Individual Facility Application – due Dec 2021 for 2022

Individual Cabin & Tent Platform Report 2021

Club Cabin & Tent Platform Report 2021

2022 Club Facility Application – due Dec 2021 for 2022

Agreement for Individual Full-Season Renter 2021

Agreement for Club Full-Season Renter 2021

Host and Sanitation Checklist 2020

Multi Year Assignment and Retention Rules 2021

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