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Reports and applications for cabins/tent platforms

If you’re interested in applying for a full-season cabin or tent platform rental – for the 2022 season, which begins on May 1st of 2022 – here are the applications you will need:

If you are a renter who has a cabin or tent platform in camp this season – for the full-season – then you must file a report each year. The deadline for your report filing is November 15th, 2021. Here are the report forms you will need:

You can find the rules about who qualifies for a full-season rental – and what is required for maintaining a facility – here:

getting ready for camp?buy your season passes now through PayPal

If you plan to visit our camp often this year, it might make sense to buy a season pass early.

Our camp is only open to ACA members – and we charge a $10 daily fee for each adult visitor ($5 for those under 18).

A season pass for an adult will cost you $65 – or $50 if you’re over 65 years old. It’s $30 for a junior (under 18). A family season pass (for 2 adults and their children under 18) costs $150.

You can purchase your 2021 season pass through PayPal now, or visit our camp director when you first enter camp and pay by cash, check or PayPal.

Season Pass

Happy winter!

Camp will reopen on May 1st, so we’re planning for the coming season. We expect we’ll be operating with the same Covid safety rules we did last year.

Meanwhile, if you want to start planning your 2021 season:

Join or renew your ACA membership here:

Everyone who visits camp will need to be an ACA member – no guests or visitors will be allowed into camp. So sign up your friends and family now or we can help you sign up in camp.

If you have any trouble with the American Canoe Association membership site, contact [email protected] and we’ll try to help.

ACA Camp is Opening On Saturday, June 27

Camp is opening June 27th!

We’re also running a work weekend, because there’s lots to do to get ready for all our visitors.

Everyone is welcome to visit camp – keeping in mind that the swim area cannot be used until it is set up, and the boating docks cannot be used until they are safe. Those tasks should be completed before noon on Saturday.

Clubs may come this weekend to start setting up their facilities.
Cabin renters may come and set up their facilities.
Tent platform renters may put up their tarps.
Overnight stays are okay.
Members with boats can bring them to be stored (see the camp director to get a space and make payment, for in season and winter fees.)
Season passes will be sold – look for the camp director.
Don’t forget to sign in as usual.

All camp visitors must follow the Covid-19 Guidelines we have negotiated with Parks. See below for a link to the guidelines but they include wearing masks and social distancing.

Help get the Camp ready – Work weekend June 27 & 28

We’ll be setting up the swimming area, putting the boating docks in place, clearing paths of leaves and setting up the Pavilion. Other small tasks will be available too. We may begin some construction of new boat racks, if we have skilled volunteers with their own battery operated drills & drivers.

We’ll be working both Saturday and Sunday (June 27 & 28) from 8 am to 2 pm.
Come see the camp director to find out what you can help with.

Contact [email protected] if you want a PayPal invoice for your season pass and boat storage fees, or to ask any questions.

IMPORTANT: View our Covid-aware guidelines for use of camp here: Covid-19 Camp Guidelines

We can’t wait to see you!