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Managing Aqua Invasive Species

Over the past three years, the Conservation Committee has partnered with Hudson River Sloop Clearwater to manage Aqua Invasive Species (AIS) in Lake Sebago. AIS grow so rapidly that they overtake the native plants and animals, wrecking havoc on the ecosystem and, in some cases, impeding recreational activities such as paddling and swimming. 

Aqua Invasives, such as hydrilla, have infested and clogged the Croton River, and other invasives have ravaged parts of Lake George in upstate New York, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to control. 

Study the poster to see what’s invading Lake Sebago and how we can slow the spread.

—Loren Edelson http://[email protected]

Stream to Sea

The ACA is committed to making the world a better place to paddle. A major program is the on-going Stream to Sea Initiative that will equip users with the knowledge and tools necessary to clean navigable waterways and paddling environments while recreating.

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And to better understand why this is so important to paddlers and the world, watch this: